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Orbiiit – The world’s first social platform designed to connect Talent, Fans & Brands.

The world’s first social platform designed to connect Talent, Fans & Brands.

Based on Blockchain Technology


Fair is the only way

Despite this rapid growth, talents still struggle to earn. It take 380,000 plays on Spotify to reach minimum wage. In these markets, the few earn virtually everything.

Orbiiit shares revenue fairly. And, by looking after the talent, no matter who they are, we create a sustainable way for fans and brands to get involved; and they create the demand for our Orbiiit tokens.

Proven Model

Orbiiit integrates seamlessly with the major social networks as our content is posted by talents creating large volumes of interactive and popular posts, so driving network usage. Our token sales will allow us to expand quickly, introducing our proprietary merchandising model as well as our model for allowing talents to create tokenized “money can’t buy” experiences.

Helping talent earn

Orbiiit generates revenues for talent in phase 1 of the business by allowing them to leverage their social following on the major and specialist networks. In truth, we have already done this, so we know the platform delivers.

By running simple competitions the end users vote on, we can generate significant social buzz, which in itself is useful for our talents. It is also good for the existing social network as it drives usage and visits mean more advertising revenues for them. But, it is even better for our talents as they have the chance to earn money that could help them turn their creative, porting, gaming, or entertainment dreams into realities.


Ultra Fast & Secure

Orbiiit offers an ultra-fast & secure payment and transaction solution.

Highly Scalabe

The creation of a transactional system of exchange between brands, artists and fans through the use of Orbiiit tokens.

Reliable & Low Cost

The dynamics of the power voting system ensures a steady net buying pressure.